Levi da Cruz raised in Hungary as a dj and producer. He works mainly on house music tracks. He has been rolling around the whole house scene since from the beginning. From warm-ups to peak-sets. He has played in clubs worldwide and had famous residences in Ibiza, United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta. Belgium etc.

He worked 3 times in a row with the very known brand Hed Kandi America Radio what is the Ministry of Sound’s label. When asked about his style Levi states that he only plays and makes quality house music, in his words house music with a large amount of substance that infiltrates the crowd with bass, a feeling and an everlasting mark.

As a producer he released more than 70 tracks and remixes. His biggest hits are the We can make it and About About what released with the very know Pacha Recordings.

Find all of his songs under this link:


  • Free music

    If you love the music style of Levi than you will be happy with this! You can listen his best tunes and newest releases here:

  • F1RST - The album

    Have you ever heard the F1RST album of Levi da Cruz! Do it now! It's FREE!

  • Who loves tech house?

    As a producer I look for the ways of sound Sometimes the real old school or other times the freshest as possible. At this time I made an original tech house track what I really love to play. Here is a sneak peak:

Live Mix

Symphonic Live Dj Set

With all of these experiences he made his most unique concept where the smooth classic symphonic sound meets with the powerful electronic beats. This formation called Levi the Cruz & the Symphonic Divas. It has 4 authentic classical instruments like violins, flute and a bassoon.

He thinks this crossover would be the next level in the electronic music scene. They have played several events at Bentley, GAP, Vienna Film Ball, Porsche Panamera Show, HBO, Citroen, Dell and many more. More about this Symphonic Divas project.

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